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Peoria Electric is a family owned and operated company comprised of the best Peoria electricians and electrical contractors. Our expertise is everything relating to Peoria Electric. We keep our customers safe and provide their families with the peace of mind. Our licensed contractors treat every single customer like family. Peoria electric is big enough to get any sized job done and small enough to treat every customer with care that they deserve. We have over 6000 satisfied customers and we’d love to add you to the Peoria Electric family. We focus on efficiency, quality and upmost safety. We provide a wide variety of expert electrical services always giving you a finished product expertly built by craftsmen. We will never cut corners when providing estimates or executing a job. Our services are electrical repairs and installations.

Does this sound like you. How many times have I asked you to turn that light off. That light bulb works in this room but the outlets don’t. These lights are always flickering. What’s that crackling sound I hear. Every time I turn my breaker on it flips backed off. Do you smell burning plastic. This in fact is no way to live. And trust us when we say it we’ve heard them all. None of this happens when it’s convenient. So don’t worry we can help you fix all of your electrical issues and take these statements and questions out of your vocabulary and get your home working properly. Any electrical circuit repair may seem complex but Peoria electricians have the right tools and technology to fix any issue. So we’re here to take the stress and anxiety away from any of your electrical issues. You may have questions on your mind like how much is it going to cost. Can we fix this. The answer is yes we can solve many electrical problem you have rest assured you’ll know exactly what the cost to be up front and our flat rate pricing is straightforward and better than anyone else’s in central Illinois Peoria electric our experts from loose wire nuts to ceiling fixtures to broken wires and pipes behind finished walls. We can resolve all your issues. Call us today to resolve any electrical issue you’re facing today.

Lighting installations let’s start with the basics swapping out and installing new fixtures in place of old ones is a great way to make that new paint job. Show off recessed lighting is a great for a lot of applications we install canned lights and kitchens and bathrooms and basements and great rooms all the time. It makes entertaining and cooking more enjoyable than you’ve ever seen it before we also get questions like Is LCD lighting going to stay and trust us. It’s here to stay and it’s even evolving all the time. LCD lighting can be installed in any bulb type situations such as recess can lighting landscaping cabinets closets display ceilings walls you name it. The biggest myth out there is that LCD blue lighting is very sterile and subtle. The truth is it comes in many different colors. From warm to bright backup generators installing backup generators for your Peoria home by an expert Peoria electrician can be done in as little as one day. Here are some factors to consider. When selecting a backup system. Would you rather have the transfer of backup power be manual or automatic for your home or office. Automatic Transfers keeps the electricity flowing even when you’re away from home on vacation at a friends or neighbors house or family member’s house. And prevents the loss of power. Or are you only worried about a few key systems or do you want to ensure full comfort and convenience throughout any power outage and backup the entire house. No matter your need. We are your Peoria Electrician.

Peoria electrician can help you with smart home installation and it’s not uncommon to see security cameras commonly known as CCTV. Situated on every corner of every building in commercial areas as one of the most cost effective security systems CCTV is used by the majority of businesses to protect their property and clients and customers. And nowadays they’re becoming more frequent. With homeowners Wi-Fi Plug and Play options do not stand up to CCTV systems and are only reliable where there’s Internet and zero loss of connection which you and I both know that’s almost impossible these days to find. You can’t now monitor your property from the comfort and safety of your own home and now you can even get an app to monitor these cameras. These cameras are guaranteed to not go down especially if you have a generator power in your home adding appliances.

Do you need to increase your electric service in order to add an electric appliance answer to this question for our clients. Is there always needs to do a load calculation of the property in the appliance. Best to have a Peoria electrician go over that with you and to ensure your safe the load calculation formula is used by the National Fire Protection Agency to determine the size of an electrical service needed for a residential home. This calculation includes criteria such as the number of light fixtures square footage how many electrical appliances. Just to name a few. Many fields needed for accurate and thorough assessment a connected electrical appliance that could affect the size of the electrical service can be something along the lines of an electric oven air conditioner dryer refrigerator freezer dishwasher warming draws even more. It could even be a welder or an air compressor in the garage. Something else to consider. Any electrical appliance that is 240 volts takes two breakers bonds some panels don’t add two spots because they’re already filled up so a panel change would allow you for these to increase faster making your home safer. Meter and electrical service upgrade. Upgrading your electric meter and updating your service from 100 to 200 Amps are super ideas. If you’re not sure what to start with the home electrical load calculation is your best bet. It’s possible you can hold off but it’s also possible that more than 200 amps might be necessary especially when you consider both current and potential future needs.

If you plan on getting a new electric car finishing your basement include these in your calculations. We have the experts who can help you navigate through code requirements permits and all the rest. Where you live in central Illinois for installations of all types of service equipment we can help all our immediate installations are service upgrades are completely turnkey solution where you have one called make and that’s it all permits and inspections are coordinated by our office. Making this as simple as possible for our homeowners fuse panels fuse panels are well beyond 25 to 30 years of age normal and safe operating lifespan if your home is older than 30 years old it’s time to get a fuse panel upgrade. Oftentimes we do not see the fuse panel. The entire electrical system needs to be updated. Most likely there’s a fuse panel chances are high that it’s only a 60 AMP standard size 100 amps. Service can go all the way up to 200 amps from their properly. Update your system always start with updating and even upgrading the electrical service updating an electrical service starts with an assessment. Of the capacity needed. Do you need a 100 AMP service 200 AMP service. All of our licensed electricians will guide you to the right solution and individual needs of your electrical system.

Commercial Electrical Services changing light bulbs and your business seems simple except the net. The ladder is never handy. What takes five minutes ends up taking almost an hour. And that up over the cost of a year would just change one light bulb each month. You’ve lost a whole world day’s worth of productivity. Peoria electric can take care of all of your facilities electrical needs right down to even light bulb replacement. We warranty every bulb we install for you. Any light bulb that burns out within a five year period would come out and replace pure electric serves all kinds of companies from libraries to daycare facilities to nursing homes to hospitals commercial office buildings warehouses and more we manage those pesky light bulb changes and also cover all LCD retrofits and preventative maintenance of critical electrical equipment. Never worry again about any of your equipment service motor starters lighting contractors switch gears even breaker panels. We offer monthly quarterly and these programs are based on your wants and needs all of our service programs are custom tailored to the different sizes and needs of your business. Take control back of your business and leave the power to us.

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